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Wine Review: Urbano Cellars 2006 Syrah

This wine starts off with a vegetal taste that opens up into tart berry flavors. A warm nose, deep purple color with berry greets the swirl and sniff. After some time, the wine opens up with deeper but not overpowering tartness and subtle spices. A pleasing, easy to drink wine with a medium finish, balanced yet light tannins that remain prominent throughout the glass and bottle. Beautiful lilac and lavender coat the palate throughout the wine.

We’ll be doing more reviews of Urbano Cellars as they’re local to Oakland AND I intend to interview Bob Rawson, the winemaker. He talked to me a bit off air about his wines and I’m interested to know more about them. Their tasting room is located in the same space as Urban Legends Cellars.

Btw, the bottling event for both Urbano Cellars and Urban Legends was pretty sweet. I’ll blog about that in an upcoming post!