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Cigar Review: Gurkha Rogue Ruthless

I can’t lie. I’ve had like…five Gurkha cigars in my entire life, the last one of which I was drunk for.  (One of the 15 year anniversary cigars, thanks Cooper)

And I’m annoyed that they claim the most expensive cigar on the market.  The Black Dragon goes for something like $1,150 per stick.

ACC has a $2,500 cigar that I can almost PROMISE is better and that’s NOT based on brand loyalty.

So let’s get on with the Gurkha Rogue Ruthless.  First off, it’s got a light brown, coffee colored wrapper that’s almost seemless.  The cigar feels pretty solid in the hand, but not heavy like a Don Cervantes or Drew Estate Undercrown.  The closed foot is unique.

The band itself isn’t ornate, more or less on the pirate tip, giving us the feel of a rougher cigar.  Amusing.  It’s not. cutting the cigar gives us a pre-light flavor of raisin and another spice I can’t quite identify yet.

But when I light up the cigar, it starts off with sweet vanilla and cedar notes.  Those continue throughout the majority of the cigar, while toasted nuts are transformed from nuttiness and a touch of oak.  The cigar has a few burn issues, but that may be the fact that I was working at the shop, not here at home.

The only bad thing about this cigar really?  The end third, the cigar goes very squishy.  It’s not a cigar I’d pick up, again, (compared to the Gurkha Seduction or Gurkha Ghost – which I would) but it was enjoyable for something different.