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Cigar Review: Illusione MJ 12

This was one of the flagship releases from Illusione cigars back in 2009 and I had a chance to smoke one at the now defunct Grants Tobaccoist in San Francisco. I enjoyed it immensely at the time but it was a little fuller in body than I was used to. Now?

Illusione MJ 12

We carry the cigar line at Got Cigars? (232 Ease Ponce De. Leon Ave. Decatur, 30030) and I have updated notes!

For starters, this is one of my favorite releases of theirs.  Yes, even in the size (6×56) as it’s not only a solid smoke, but well constructed and has a great draw, producing a good bit of flavorful smoke.  The cigar feels weighty in my fingers, chock full of hearty tobaccos.

Aesthetically, the foil wrapper around the entire cigar is interesting but nothing really special, nor does it serve a purpose in my mind.  Didn’t on the Maduro either, which, now that I think about it, was what I smoked first at Grants.

The flavors overall of this cigar range from red pepper, sugary sweetness (I didn’t get that, more or less got a heady bite of bread and yeast) along with some slight woodsiness.

The Katman cigar reviewer detected a variety of Maltiness in the cigar.  For as much IPA as I consume, I didn’t pick it up, but you should be aware because his reviews are usually solid, when he’s not talking about turtle fucking..

I did pick up slight raisin notes along with more of those impressive bread/yeast as the cigar burned.  Which, by the way, was mostly even for a cigar of this size.  Not impressive (because it’s Illusione, they’re ALL good!) but good because it makes selling them easier.

The cigar is definitely a medium to full bodied cigar, but nicotine isn’t overflowing with potency like an LFD.  The intensity of flavors picks up as the cigar nears the mid-point. Transitions are smooth.

Overall, this is a complex cigar and one that commands the $11 price. Pick up a few and you won’t be disappointed!