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Wine Review: Genisis 2007 Chardonnay by Hogue Cellars

This is a smooth wine with lemony acidity complimented by light oak notes. Pale green in color, this wine starts off with zest and finishes smooth. A wine that grows slightly more complex as it opens up.

Picked up the bottle for $5.99 at Grocery Outlet, the retail is just over $14.00. It’s a good buy by the case if you can find it. Out of Washington’s Columbia Valley, this is definitely a good introduction to Pure Indulgence.

Wine Review: 42 Degree South 2006 UnwoodedChardonnay by Frogmore Creek Wines

A gold colored wine in the glass possesses just about the chalkiest flavors on a medium finish I have ever tastsed. Made in Tasmania, Australia, the lack of usage in wood really allows for the grapes to show a different side. Stone fruit on the nose was faint but present.

Served with catfish, jasmine rice and edamame, the pairing wasn’t “too” far off.

For a $12 bottle, this wasn’t too bad. Yeah, I know it doesn’t really fit the blog’s suggested price range either but we ARE open to reviewing free wine…