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Wine Review: Aussie Vineyards Fly Syrah

This reddish purple syrah has complex flavors with depth! A real treat with typical Aussie Syrah notes of pepper, berry and firm yet soft tannins. A medium finish with an open nose, this is a wine that fails to disappoint.

Picked it up at Grocery Outlet for about $5.00, retails for about $18.00 on Wine Searcher.com

Best paired well with a pepper steak for enhancement on the spice.

Wine Review: Aussie Vineyards Twelve Apostles South Eastern 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon

From South Eastern Austrailia, this wine boasts balanced tannins and chocolate on the palate with a creamy oak feel in the mouth. A medium bodied Cab from Aussie Vineyards. A ripe berry nose that opens up after time. Paired well with steak covered in african spice mixture and fried potato slices.

This wine is priced at just under $20 but I picked it up for less at Grocery Outlet.