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Spirit Review – Hangar One Buddha’s Hand Vodka

Forget ALL OTHER VODKAS!  Hangar One made by St. George’s Spirits in Alameda, CA does this vodka just like it does every other craft distilled spirit they’ve put out.  With concise care and precision, using the purest ingredients and seasonal fruits.

I know, this sounds like a commercial, but we at Pure Indulgence do not boast lightly.  When searching for a vodka of quality I look for three things:

  1. Drinkability
  2. Complexity
  3. Finish

The finish being the most important part, honestly.  Vodkas I’ve had in the past that had all three have been rare so far since I really steered away from vodka in the latter half of 2006, but never have I shied away from St. George’s.

Lets break it down:

Drinkability:  First off, this vodka is clean.  The nose of the buddha’s hand vodka smells sweet with tiny hints of dirt/earth ONLY if you’re paying attention, otherwise you get a crisp all the way to the finish we’ll get into momentarily.

Complexity:  Vodka isn’t meant to really stir a myriad of flavors, even flavored vodkas.  In our drinking culture we’re more often dealing with vodka as mixers rather than the main course.  I prefer it neat personally but others may have their preferences.  This is a vodka you can enjoy straight or on the rocks.

Finish:  Ah yes, the finish. Yes I sound pretentious don’t I?  (It’s cause I am!) The best way to really enjoy this vodka is to drink it, then breath in the fumes as you swallow at the end, so they go throughout your entire olfactory senses, giving you more than a mouthful of fruit.  And yes, a clean, fruity finish will leave you satisfied.

On a different note, I did one day decide to replace the bourbon in my Manhattan (I know, should be rye, Trader Joe’s doesn’t sell good rye yet) with the Buddha’s Hand.  That was interesting in itself, but it needed something with a little more kick to combat the sweetness from my vermouth.  Something to give it a little kick. Not bad though.

Oh, one more thing.  If you can get the vodka at the distillery, it’s usually cheaper than at the stores.

Liquor Review: Shakers Vodka

This will be a twofold review as the vodka has two forms. A Wheat and a Rye.

The Wheat vodka was clean, with a typical nose and very neutral taste though there was a light vanilla on the back of the palate.

The Rye vodka on the other hand: A nice spice, a little dirty with that famous peppery spice rye products are known for. It didn’t quite taste “old manish” (and I am a rye drinker) but rather clean as did the Wheat vodka.

Find Shakers Vodka here