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Luxury Cigar Review: ACC SE. 10 Year Rosado Lancero

If you’ve been following the blog for any length of time, you know my preferred size of cigar is the toro, or a churchill, both with ring gauges no smaller than 50 (though I will do a 49) and generally no bigger than 54.

ACC S. E. 10 Year Rosado Lancero

Coming across my desk however, is a special treat.  In a 7X42(guessing, don’t have the specs) size comes the ACC S. E. 10 Year Rosado Lancero.

For starters, much like the remainder of the ACC products, the jacket is a glorious rose gold with a seal over where the ring would be.  It’s clean, elegant, distinguished from other cigar makers.

Vintage tobaccos were used, as were Cuban bunching methods of entubado that only the highest of skilled rollers can do when it comes to working with aged tobacco.  In addition to the clean, reddish Rosado wrapper that ACC developed, there is a bit of Jalapa in the blend, to enhance the sweetness they were looking for to capture the attention of not just smokers who prefer a softer flavor, but female smokers who lean toward more balance to provide a smooth smoke.

Now, the taste.  Like you’d figure from a rosado wrapper, there were notes of sweet cotton candy, along with a consistent, light leather and pepper taste.  The draw, burn, amazing.  Something I enjoy about this cigar is how it stands out among other cigars in the ACC Portfolio.  It’s very hard to stack it against regular handmade cigars because it has a very welcoming personality which I’ve only found in the luxury market.  You might pair this with a softer, supple California style Zin that’s not too aggressive, or find it paired with a more floral bourbon.  I’d personally go with the Zin.

Oh, and because I can, this video shows a roller putting the finishing touches on the first samples.


Los Gatos Cigar Event featuring Don Cervantes

We had a great time at Los Gatos Cigar Club talking to other cigar smokers, interviewing a few of the folks to talk about libations, cigars and of course learn more about Don Cervantes luxury cigars.

Below you’ll see a few pictures of the event, mostly the cigars, Max from ACC Cigars, some of the cigar accessories, and soon I’ll have a link to the podcast interview on Radio Dentata

It was definitely a fun event and I’m looking forward to doing more. Thanks to the folks at JMG for all their hard work and a special shoutout to Rich at Los Gatos, for his shop promoting the Good Life.

Look for more on Don Cervantes and the exciting things coming from ACC Cigars soon!