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I’ve begun drinking Amaros

The recent upset stomach incidents I’ve dealt with over the last year and a half have been aided by the power of Amaro!  Funny story.  Last year, stress or heat ended up hurting my ability to keep food down.  I didn’t know what to do because frankly, I want nothing to do with drinking pepto and sucking down pills designed to “correct” my stomach’s issues.

One night I was smoking a cigar, and I had an IPA.  Probably Sierra Nevada Torpedo and I realized that instantly, after the first few sips, the pressure in my stomach had been alleviated.

Because bitters are designed as digestive aids.

I forgot that fact.  I went to the package store here in Decatur and picked up Cio Ciaro, an inexpensive Italian Amaro, came back home, poured a shot, then set the bottle into the fridge.  Sipping the warm, almost myrrh-like essence did improve the way my stomach felt.

Little bit of history here:  Amaros (Italian for Bitter)  were invented to counter the stomach and aid in digestion by Europeans who were known for eating rich foods.  It just turns out they developed a palate for them as well.  Made with “secret ingredients” each one is as distinct as the next one, with no two producers making the same product.

I can’t get real Unicum here in the States, but I have a strong preference for the Hungarian Digestivo.  Currently, I’m drinking Aperol, with light balance, some slight bitterness from the bitter orange and rhubarb.  I’ve never had real rhubarb LOL!

***These statements are not to be used as diagnosis and cures for stomach ailments.  Please don’t take them as such, do your own due diligence***