Morning Cigars: Oliva O Serie

Having had to go into the shop to open up, with no food in my system, I see why the Oliva Serie O is a popular cigar for smokers. Considering I spent most of my smoking time in the evenings, when I want a heavy or full-bodied Cigar, I usually find the Serie O to be too weak in body. But since I started to work at the cigar shop in Decatur I’ve discovered that the Oliva O series is a good morning cigar.

Oliva Serie O Churchill

I’ve got a lot more of the flavor out of it because it is my first cigar with a fresh pallet.  Definitely has notes of earth and light spice, almost like cocoa dust.  Good draw, mild to medium flavor and strength.

It would probably pair well with a medium bodied coffee, or perhaps my mushroom coffee. It might even do well with a spot of Earl Grey tea.

Come down and see us at Got Cigars? in Decatur, at 232 E. Ponce De Leon, just off Decatur MARTA!

I’ve begun drinking Amaros

The recent upset stomach incidents I’ve dealt with over the last year and a half have been aided by the power of Amaro!  Funny story.  Last year, stress or heat ended up hurting my ability to keep food down.  I didn’t know what to do because frankly, I want nothing to do with drinking pepto and sucking down pills designed to “correct” my stomach’s issues.

One night I was smoking a cigar, and I had an IPA.  Probably Sierra Nevada Torpedo and I realized that instantly, after the first few sips, the pressure in my stomach had been alleviated.

Because bitters are designed as digestive aids.

I forgot that fact.  I went to the package store here in Decatur and picked up Cio Ciaro, an inexpensive Italian Amaro, came back home, poured a shot, then set the bottle into the fridge.  Sipping the warm, almost myrrh-like essence did improve the way my stomach felt.

Little bit of history here:  Amaros (Italian for Bitter)  were invented to counter the stomach and aid in digestion by Europeans who were known for eating rich foods.  It just turns out they developed a palate for them as well.  Made with “secret ingredients” each one is as distinct as the next one, with no two producers making the same product.

I can’t get real Unicum here in the States, but I have a strong preference for the Hungarian Digestivo.  Currently, I’m drinking Aperol, with light balance, some slight bitterness from the bitter orange and rhubarb.  I’ve never had real rhubarb LOL!

***These statements are not to be used as diagnosis and cures for stomach ailments.  Please don’t take them as such, do your own due diligence***

Wine Review: Casarena 505Vineyards 2014 Red Blend

The 505 Vineyards Red Blend went well with my NY Strip. The rarity that I get NY Strip, I like a good, full balanced and tannic wine.

This was that, definitely with tart berry, touch of earth and tannin.  Not overpowering, but pleasant.  Medium finish.  Some minerality in the grapes.  The blend is Malbec, Cabernet and Merlot, and all of those individual grapes blend together seamlessly.

Michel Rolland has had a profound influence on both French and international winemaking, responsible for more 90+ scoring vintages than any other individual in his time” – From Firstleaf

FirstLeaf or Underground Cellar, are the two wine programs I’m recommending.  Neither have

disappointed me.  Being on a budget as I am, and still wanting a value for 6 bottles of wine, Firstleaf lets me schedule shipments whenever I want. That really saves my bacon when bills come due. Or I need to make sure I’m home to accept the UPS package.

Underground Cellar offers one wine, but oftentimes gives you multiple chances for upgrades on better, more expensive (and in this case, it DOES count) wines.  Underground Cellar will store your wines for you, up to I think three cases.