Selling premium bundles

5X50 Bundle Robustos. Selling them in 20 packs.

I came into a small stash of cigars that I don’t have any room for and I have been told I can sell for a fair price.

These robustos come 20 in a bundle for $100 (prices go up in March) and are 5X50. Flavor profile is slight notes of white pepper, black pepper, touch of leather with a medium finish. Good draw, good construction.

I don’t know much about the blends other than the tobacco is aged 3-5 years and they’re not crap.  I’ve smoked a few to test quality, cause hey, who isn’t up for a free cigar?
Fill out the form below if you’re interested on having something you can smoke for about 45 minutes to maybe an hour, that’s got good flavor and solid construction.